VOTS Capability to Fill & Pack,

    VOTS offers a proven track record of success in co-packing solutions with extreme attention to detail of each project. Whether you need small, medium, or large-sized containers, we have what you need. Our capacity levels meet the highest capacity demands, filling 100,000 bottles per day, and 10,000,000 bottles per month.

  • Tube, Available sizes, 100ml/150ml /250ml-colors, white / black,
  • Jar,  Available sizes, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz – colors: white / black / Amber
  • Bottle,  Available sizes: airless 15ml /30ml /60ml / 118.30ml /236 ml /450 ml /946 ml (32oz).
  • Gallons:   1 Gallon (3,785ml) buckets, re-packing boxes, outer boxes packing.
  • Canisters   with wipes & sealing services. VOTS is a trusted ISO, FDA & EPA registered facility.
  • VOTS offers the best price on contract-based orders. We use the latest technology and equipment combined with our expertise, flexibility, and speed to rapidly turn around your products, meet the most stringent delivery deadlines.

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